Culinary Artist
Dicari barista, Culinary Artist Barista. part-time worker 1) Prepare or serve hot or cold beverages, such as coffee, espresso drinks, blended coffees, or teas. 2) Clean or sanitize work areas, utensils, or equipment. 3) Clean service or seating areas. 4) Check temperatures of freezers, refrigerators, or heating equipment to ensure proper functioning. 5) Describe menu items to customers or suggest products that might appeal to them 6) Order, receive, or stock supplies or retail products. 7) Provide customers with product details, such as coffee blend or preparation descriptions. 8) Receive and process customer payments.
Talent Type Culinary Artist
Skill Barista
age 19-39 Years
height 39-200 Cm
weight 36-85 Kg
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