Blockchain Bootcamp
Blockchain Bootcamp

Blockchain Bootcamp

Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
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Date & Time
08 December, 2018


15 December, 2018


How blockchain revolutionized business into a disruptive force in the economy? . Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have become quite a hype in Indonesia, but it still in the very early stage. Some critics say that it’s just a buzzword, even tech players and communities who are the forefront in tech scene haven’t got the full grasp on it, let alone the regulators who are slower to adapt on the new tech. There even already bad stigma on it as many people who fell on scams that capitalize on the hype, promising this as the fast way to get rich. . Aside from all the hype with bitcoins and cryptocurrency trading, blockchain technology has shown it could disrupt the economy. It could revolutionize financial institution, capital markets, business, even how we do daily transactions. . Reflecting the massive growth of the tech-digital industry, many businesses come late to adopt new technologies. We should understand this new technology so we can make use the technology to amplify our businesses. We need to better understand the underlying blockchain technology that’s behind it. . Let's learn how we could apply blockchain to our businesses with: Session 1 - Blockchain 101 Key Takeaways: - Blockchain Revolution: buzzwords explanation, trends and insights - Case Study: use case of blockchain implementation and its impact and how can you use blockchain technology to amplify your business. - Token Economy: The economic side of the blockchain, dig deeper on how it could impact the economy . Merlina Li co-founder of Indonesian Blockchain Network (IBN) an NGO that focused in building blockchain community in Indonesia; IBN has grown tremendously in the past 1 year that entitled them to be the founding member of ABI (Assosiasi Blockchain Indonesia). IBN and ABI focus in NGO for individual and companies that have interest in Blockchain and to create a positive environment for the Industry to grow. . Session 2 - Write your first Ethereum Smart Contract Key Takeaways: - Introduction: What is Ethereum? Why Ethereum? What is a Smart Contract? What is Solidity? - Technical Implementation: Learn the prerequisite steps on how to set up a basic dev environment and write/deploy your first smart contract on Ethereum network. - Live implementation of a Smart Contract based on the group’s decision. - Review: Understanding the key challenges and drawbacks when building your blockchain-powered projects. . Johan Mulyono General Partner at Paramation, serving the role as a technical development lead, specializing in application production, integration, and deployments. He graduated with honours from the University of Oregon with a dual degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. Johan has involved in numerous Smart Contract development and is familiar with creating and securing common decentralized function types (marketplace, escrow, ERC2X* token creation, etc.) . Who should join this Bootcamp: - Developers, to extend your capabilities on developing new on-demand tech - Founders, to starting up your new blockchain-powered projects - Companies/corporates stakeholders, to implement it on your existing companies/organization. - Governments officials to prepare better regulation on this new emerging tech. . Participants will also earn an Impact Byte/Senarai/Paramation issued ERC-721 token as a certification for attending the session.