Learn Painting in Pop Art
Learn Painting in Pop Art

Learn Painting in Pop Art

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
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Date & Time
27 January, 2019


Since the 50’s Pop Art movement has been an iconic culture that disrupt conservative art by using vibrant predominant colors such as red, yellow and blue to express freedom. . This approach leads to the creation of artwork that attract interest people from all elements, which has successfully unite a movement against The Cold War at that time. . Through this workshop, we will also would like to invite you to express your own freedom by learning how to combine predominant colors to achieve vibrant expression. . You will also learn how to still maintain the composition of an object, despite applying an abstract expression in terms of color. We chose the elephant as it represents the value of Strength, Honor and Wealth to Thai society which is embodied well in an pop-art artwork. . This workshop is suitable for both beginners and kids above 7 years old . Sunday, 27 Januari 2019 – 2 PM TomTom Kitchen Grand Indonesia – South Jakarta