Muslim Fashion Festival
Muslim Fashion Festival

Muslim Fashion Festival

DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
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Date & Time
06 April, 2017


Muslim Fashion Festival (MUFFEST) is an annual muslim fashion event aimed to strengthen Indonesia's economy through local moslem fashion industry. The idea of MUFFEST is triggered by the vision of Indonesia's government to make Indonesia as the world's muslim fashion center, and reinforced by the growth of local muslim fashion industry for recent years. MUFFEST 2016 will feature a wide range of muslim fashion products from conventional to urban style.These are intended to improve the standard of designers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders involved in this industry, to compete internationally. Targeted about 100,000 visitors in 5 days, there will be approximate 400 brands in the exhibition, 30 fashion shows featuring 200 fashion designers from Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Japan, Turkey and USA. In addition to fashion product, MUFFEST 2016 will also feature culinary, accessories and other products related to muslim lifestyle.