The 13th M[X] FEB UI
The 13th M[X] FEB UI

The 13th M[X] FEB UI

Competition, Exhibition, Seminar
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
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Date & Time
28 September, 2018


23 November, 2018


The 13th Management e[X]posed held by MSS FEB UI - The BIGGEST Business and Entrepreneurship event held by students in Indonesia.
28 September, 2018 - 30 September, 2018

Grand Teambuilding and Roadshow

17 November, 2018 - 18 November, 2018

Lapak Loka

Lapak Loka is established to showcase innovative products from businesses in Indonesia. Our aim is to introduce and connect local businesses to their potential customers.
19 November, 2018


Talkshow is one of the event series of the 13th M[X] which aim to give insight for audiences regarding the unseen business potential and how to maximize the technology innovation and digitalization in business. In order to deliver those insights, there will be some speakers who are really experts in those field. The event will be held interactively and consists of three main sections such as speaker presentations, question and answer with audience, and panel discussion.
21 November, 2018

Company Visit and Workshop

Company visit and workshop event will be held not only to enhance participants' knowledge regarding business circumstances, but also to let them experience the real business environment by visiting Indonesian giant companies and there will be an interactive yet fun workshop that will also broaden all participants' networking.
22 November, 2018 - 23 November, 2018

Presentation Day

Presentation days are part of Business Plan Competition where all semifinalists present their most creative business plan in front of well-known yet experienced judges to give them direct feedback and insight afterwards. Presentation days will be held in two days: semifinal day and final day. In semifinal day, semifinalists will present their business plan using pitch deck and the qualified teams will present their full version of the business plan in the final day.
23 November, 2018

M[X] Gala Night

M[X] Gala Night is a dinner event that marks the closing of The 13th Management e[X]posed in which business plan participants and also 13th Management e[X]posed commitee will engage under fun and friendly vibes and ambiences. Moreover, we will also announce and celebrate the winner of the business plan competition.