Deby Christi

Photographer, Event Crew, Writer
16 March, 1991
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
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I’m a Jakarta-based digital media planner and digital content writer or copywriter in a digital advertising agency with experience in writing for food and beverage, kids care, health, cosmetic, lifestyle, gym & fitness, automotive, and education.

I am passionate about writing, storytelling, art, music, and movie. Also, have an interest in movie scenario. I started writing non-fiction and fiction on my blog more than a decade ago.

In 2014, I began my writing career as an internship content writer in a digital advertising agency and I’ve got promoted to SEO Specialist and leads content writer team.
Skill & Portfolio
  • Photographer
    Landscape, Nature
  • Event Crew
    Liason Officer, Other Crew
  • Writer
    Copy Writer, Content Writer, Fiction Writer
accent Betawi
2013 Bachelor