Fauziah Fauzan

TV Crew, Film Crew, Post Production Crew
13 October, 1992
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
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As three years in workforce I have played variety of roles and industry, from entry data, customer service, broadcasting, journalistic writing to creative art. Sincerely, I took pleasure to be developed in this diverse professional ambience. Among of them, creatively interpreted client ideas, from design to concept and final output, ensuring client satisfaction and retention is my stand-out performance.
My experiences in creating creative videos ranges from news, wedding, education, promotional videos and various broadcasted shows. I have been featured in some clients to work with various ranged of video themes.

My first and my important step of my visual designing career was in nov 2015, I have worn many hats as a one man-band in my work; A video editor, a voice over talent, a cameraman, a motion / non- motion graphic designer, a script writer, a director, a customer service, an administrator, a brodcast control operator. As a result I have unique ability to manage mult- disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges. but the actual experience has taught me that my professional value boils down to the following:
- Credits dont really matter. I just love get my hands dirty and win.
- If my left and brain were hands, I would be ambidextrous.
- I speak fluent Indonesian, well english, editor, designer and director.

Reach out if you need help in visual design, writing, translating, or just grab a cup of coffee in fauziahfauzan@gmail.com
Skill & Portfolio
  • TV Crew
  • Film Crew
    DoP, Videographer
  • Post Production Crew
    Video Editor, Animator, Graphic designer
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