Metta Kiart Wijaya

Fashion Artist, Writer, Post Production Crew
27 August, 2002
Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
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I am really desperate for money and I'm financially tight, so i can assure you that I am a hard worker for money and will do anything that balances with my pay. i am energetic, easy to talk to, out-going, I adapt to my surroundings easily and can manage tasks given, and I am a fast learner.

I am currently in my second year of highschool, so due to that obstacle, my work time and shifts aren't very flexible, I can work on Friday nights, the whole Saturday, and Sunday mornings to evenings if i need to come to work. If the job doesn't require me to come to the workplace, i could just basically do anything on the clock, just as long as it doesn't involve verbally chatting, because mind you that I am in class.

As you can already notice, I am fluent in English and can speak it like a native, and plus, I can speak a little bit of French. In my highschool, I am based in the Science class, so my logic is rolling smoothly. I plan on taking Physics to be my National test.

I am interested in getting a job as soon as possible and collecting money at this young age, because I'm trying to ease my college tuition money and I plan on studying in France, the living cost and the tuition are expensive.

If you are interested in me, you can contect me on:
WA +62895332441507
Skill & Portfolio
  • Fashion Artist
  • Writer
    Ghost Writer, Fiction Writer, Novelist
  • Post Production Crew
    Cartoonist, Illustrator, Sketch Artist
Physical Detail
shirt sizeM
hair lengthMedium
hair colorBrown
hair styleStraight
skin colorOlive
eye colorBrown
accent Jawa
2019 High School